Housing Fund launches new loans Initiative

Monday, June 20, 2016 16:57

Eight hundred and fifty billion dinars, is the amount provided by the Central Bank of the Treasury Housing Fund for distribution as loans to build for the citizens in the new initiative launched by the Fund, summed up an award of up to fifty million dinars any citizen provided that Emtemlka residential land of no less an area of ​​about a hundred meters as well as necessity of obtaining a building permit and the presence of an employee is guaranteed.

In this context, said spokesman Bahaa Eddin Mustafa, General Manager, Housing Fund: "Legge citizen offers him a piece of land and not less than 100 square meters and the construction of 65 meters and saw her we learn detecting and Nmsheelh treatment as soon as possible."

New Housing Fund initiative also includes a clause through which grants loans to citizens who wish to buy a property, provided that it is out of this property within the residential investment projects being built by the government.

Bahaa El Din Moustafa, adds: "The new initiative omitted a paragraph granting citizens of loans for the purchase of housing units completed in the investment projects."

The student housing fund the government for the allocation of an annual fixed amount of housing loans, particularly in light of the country's need to more than three million units.

You can watch the video report above.