Sources from inside the prime minister's office told the Shatt al-Arab that Maliki is trying hard to replace national identity inimitable and strategic expert, great Acanutorsinan Shabibi which is the pride of the Iraqis and Arabs and Muslims, a member of law Ali Baban and former Minister of Planning and to walk his policies that have long been Professor Shabibi stands before them in order to preserve the financial policy of the country.
The Professor Shabibi is the son of Mujahid elder Mohammad Reza Shabibi and if enable the prime minister to replace it will be a fatal blow to Iraq's reputation and financial policies of rationality and destructive of efforts to save the Iraqi currency and strengthen them and return Iraq to the status of regional and global On the financial front.
Note that the constitution bind the Central Bank of the House of Representatives, but there are those who push Maliki to adopt the interpretation of the last IMET to the Constitution and the law of the Central Bank of onion, contrary to call him from the necessity of adopting the Constitution.
And added that the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi detection of a letter addressed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the subject of the Central Bank.
A source familiar with the "Najafi said during a session of the House of Representatives today for a message sent by him to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki urging him not to interfere in the matters of the Central Bank and the statement of the functions and duties of this bank, which is one of the independent institutions."