Saleh: The government plans to take measures to ensure activation of the overall development

Last update: Monday , June 20, 2016 - 10:29

Baghdad, Alaa al-Tai stressed economic adviser to the prime minister the government's intention to hold an administrative changes commensurate with its reformist and take a series of measures designed to give effect to the overall development process and economic reform and to improve banking supervision level to fight corruption and money laundering in addition to the activation of tax policy and collection of fees and work in state-owned companies adjust .

He D.mzar Mohammed Saleh in an interview with «morning»: The government is seeking to conduct a comprehensive management changes according to its reformist and the requirements phase includes adjusting work in government institutions and conduct an audit of government officials bloated to eliminate the phenomenon of granting the salaries of employees do not perform any work or paid the salaries of more than a governmental entity.

Saleh added: It will be activated decisions and laws that serve the process of economic reform and development, which contribute to the improvement of banking supervision level to fight corruption and money laundering phenomenon and to work towards building a sober and healthy banking sector.

He also explained that the procedures will include the activation of an appropriate tax policy and the adoption of the necessary measures to obtain the fees for various services provided by the government and the tax would be settling accounts including senior officials, and includes provisions nominal salary and by deducting up to 7-15 percent by allowances they receive.

He continued: There is a general trend by the executive aims to revitalize economic sectors and development in order to get rid of the single funding and diversify non-oil imports and get the economy moving and to involve the private sector in construction and reconstruction process, stressing the country's need to generate administrative power commensurate with the size of the requirements phase to maximize funding and stimulate the market to cross the critical economic situation the country is going through due to various challenges, most notably the drop in global oil prices.

And on the granting of loans to citizens mechanisms Saleh called on banks departments all the way to comply with the instructions issued by the Central Bank on granting citizens loans and show flexibility in instruction application and reduce the bureaucratic way that a win-win for both sides, stressing that there are two types of loans, the first small and medium loans and grants to individuals, graduates and employers small and the second major loan projects, a service and industrial and housing projects.

It is worth noting that the government requested support for its budget from the international community after the collapse of the oil market over the past two years has caused a lack of revenue, and coincided with the exposure Iraq to attack fierce terrorism and what was caused by a large ruined infrastructure and the size of the human exodus from the hot spots, it all led to inflation expenses and rising budget deficit the size of what led to the activation of the decisions that contribute to reducing spending and taking austerity measures and seek to reduce reliance on oil imports and stimulate industrial and agricultural sectors and to involve the private sector.