June 20, 2016
Official Yazidi Kurdistan Regional Government said on Sunday that Iraqi forces managed to free 354 Yazidi woman in the city of Fallujah by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense fully announced today restored. The director of the Yazidi affairs in the city of Dohuk Hadi Dubani German Press Agency dpa that "participation in the Fallujah operation Iraqi forces edit 354 Yazidi woman who had been abducted by militants from the organization Daash after seizing Chenkal area (Sinjar) predominantly Yezidi in August 2014. " He added that they were " now in the process of arranging and facilitating their return to the Kurdistan region , "adding , " they are assets now in the Amiriyah neighborhood in Fallujah in the protection of the Iraqi forces, "the militants organize Daash kidnapped more than five thousand children and women Yazidi after seizing Chenkal killed with hundreds of men.