June 20, 2016
Roudao- Sulaimaniyah began joint delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Movement for Change, of Jemaah Islamiyah, and now plans to travel to Arbil to meet with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and indicate the information obtained by Roudao Media Network from an official in the Democratic Party, it will not be answered on the joint delegation before politburo meeting for a democratic, while the leader of the Patriotic Union, said that if the Democrat was not ready to receive the joint delegation, it means that the current problems will remain as they are now.

the National Union of rapprochement with change dramatically after 17 last May at all levels, and constitute the agreement concluded between the two sides guarantee for the stability of Sulaimaniya, but some of its clauses have not democratic exclamation, meaning it could not guarantee that the stability of the whole province of Kurdistan, Democratic and insist on talking with the change and the Patriotic Union individually, what makes visiting joint delegation to Arbil to meet with Turkmen and Assyrian parties only. the leader of the movement for change, Omar Syed Ali, following a meeting with the toilers of Kurdistan party "includes a joint delegation program to hold a joint visit to the Democratic" in the eyes of a member of the political Bureau of the Union, the governor estimated Hama Jan, the joint Convention came to arrange the house of Kurdistan and resolve problems through dialogue, and if it was a Democrat is not ready at this stage to hold a meeting with the joint delegation, "can discuss with the Democratic separately." he says one of the members of the National Council of the MDC, they formally ask the Democrat held a meeting with him, "and if it was the democratic intention of repairing the situation, they should be willing to receive the joint delegation, but if it was intended to be used as a means to put pressure on the change, it will not lead to any benefit, because it will eventually lead to the impact on citizens ' lives negatively. " emphasizes Dana Abdul Karim, said the visits to the other parties aimed at reaching a national consensus on the agreement between the change and the Union, "in order to repair the tense situation in Kurdistan province," she said , "these visits come to the Democratic understand that most of the parties do not want the situation continues this way." Democrat declared from the outset termination of the agreement concluded by with the MDC to form the expanded government, and the emphasis on the necessity of holding a new agreement with the change to solve problems, but a member of the Democratic leadership, Aras Hissou Mirkan, says that it was directed party before the severe war to inform the change , saying that "meet the office political democracy during the next two days, and will decide his position on whether he would meet with the change and the Union together or not, will determine how to deal with change. " for her part, Dana Abdul Karim," We must work to find a new agreement, because the old and unfit for this agreement to form a government Other on this basis. " she added , " when it formed the government, were not for presidency of the province finished yet, it 's over now been disabled parliament, meaning it must sign a new agreement, on the basis of the results of elections in 2013, and re - positions presidency of the province and the prime minister and parliament speaker at the dialogue table again, each party gets to positions according to the electoral weight. " and moving relations between the change and the Democrat from bad to worse seven months ago, during which the Union to act impartially tried, but after several days of the return of the General Coordinator of the movement for change, Nawshirwan Mustafa, the Kurdistan region , Union agreement with the change occurred. it is believed Union leadership member, Fred Ossrd, that the meeting can not be shared with democratic force, "if the Democrats do not want to sit down with the change, the crisis will continue, so be on the Union to continue in its efforts to find a solution between the two sides ". Roudao learned from the leadership of the Federation, said the party does not agree with the change to make the agreement between the Union and change the basis for negotiations with the Democrats, saying , " We must strive to bring the situation to normal , and enacted by the parliament, "added the leader of the Union , who preferred not to be named , said the differences between democratic change will be extended "if they do not reach an agreement, the situation will continue as it is now to 2017, to be decisive before the next election," he continued, that without a dialogue with the democratic, these parties , visits will not change the situation , "because the party basically the differences is a Democrat. " he went on unique Ossrd by saying that he would not remain room for differences should be resolved Kurdistan problems soon," Daash on the verge of collapse, and there is a special program for Iraq, and the program does not allow the existence of the crisis, and it must start solving the internal problems of the region of Kurdistan . " .