20 June 2016
General Company of Iraqi Ports revealed, on Sunday, its intention to increase the shelves for up to 83 berths until 2018, while confirming that the plan includes the establishment of those sidewalks through investment and system operating Almstrk.oukal director of the company inform the Tigers net in a press statement that "the development of port projects South continuous particularly on increasing the number of shelves to 83 until the next 2018, "noting that" Iraq has 48 berths currently needed for 35 another. "He added net, that" work is continuing to build seven piers out of 13 on the other bank of the River number one in the port of Umm Qasr, "noting that" the seven berths were referred by three of the company (ICTSI Philippine), is nearing completion, and the like for the company Lorraine for investment, while transmitted the other sidewalk to an Iraqi company. "He explained inform the port manager, that" docks stronghold works naturally, and that the US company has invested berth number 14, through co-operation and has the intention of another residence through interoperability, too, "stressing that" the new sidewalks are all held by investment and working co-operation, and that the company welcomes any point you want to do so on according to our Terms and Conditions the window".