20 June 2016
~ Anbar - my today
announced that the Department of Defense, all near the city of Fallujah , edit full of Daash terrorist gangs. He said ministry spokesman Naseer Nouri in a press statement: According to security leaders estimate it will be the complete liberation of the city of Fallujah within days were long and the short of this date , according to the changes that occur there and the size of the remaining pockets as well as IEDs. He stressed that the operations are going on in full swing in the purges, but identifying a specific timeframe that is difficult but estimates suggest that a few days and be announced purge the city. Nouri pointed to the killing of large numbers of Aldoaash and stats were an estimated 2,500 Iraqis and others are citizens of Arab and foreign, revealing more than 700 terrorists arrested , according to Anbar police headquarters and I think the number is increasing with the continued progress in Fallujah. The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi announced last Friday for the restoration of the city of Fallujah , the center of government and the compound where, pointing out that the city of Mosul , will be the next destination for the Iraqi army. Meanwhile, the leadership of the popular crowd looked with plans to Daash to end the presence of the terrorist gangs in the entire city of Fallujah , security leaders, stressing the importance of higher coordination among all forms of security forces and tribal Almentvdh. According to a statement to inform the crowd that the meeting was held in the presence of Abu Mahdi Mohandes , deputy chief of the popular crowd and the Secretary General of the Badr Organization , Hadi al - Amiri and the commander of the federal police forces team Raed Shakir Jawdat and the commander of the rapid reaction brigade Thamer al - Husseini and Interior Minister Mohammad Al - Ghabban where they discussed plans to to end the presence of the entire Daash in Fallujah. He pointed out that he was stressed during the meeting the importance of higher coordination among all forms of security forces and tribal Almentvdh against terrorism to save the remaining neighborhoods minimal losses while also controlling the city center happened last Friday. For his part, Chairman of the hand Amiriyah , south of Fallujah Khudair Rashid, on Sunday, he announced that security forces arrested the assistant to the city of Fallujah , dressed as women while trying to infiltrate with the beleaguered families to camps for displaced people in Amiriyah. Al - Rashed said in a press statement: that the security forces managed to arrest the named Sami Bedaiwi and nicknamed (Abu Omar) , assistant to the city of Fallujah , dressed as women while trying to infiltrate with the displaced families that entered the hand Amiriyah , south of Fallujah. He added that the so- called Abu Omar , the brother of the physician elements Daash criminal groups within the city of Falluja, noting that intelligence enabled the security forces to arrest , known as Abu Omar case of arriving at one of the security checkpoints. He explained Rashed: The security forces transferred the detainee amid tight security to a single security centers for interrogation and know where the rest of the leaders of criminals Daash prelude to arrest them. Furthermore, the Anbar province police headquarters announced, on Sunday, killing all 17 elements of the organization Daash battles north of Ramadi , cleanse, while confirming the destruction of three - wheeled bomb. He said Anbar police chief Maj . Gen. Hadi Rseg in a press statement: that the security forces of the tactical regiment and support from coalition aircraft yesterday carried out a broad military operation to cleanse the pockets of the organization (Daash) in the regions of the Albu Risha foldable north of Ramadi, killing 17 elements of the organization and the destruction of three Car bombs. He Rseg: All the areas where Daash in the northern axis of gray are targeted continuously and there is little pockets of (Daash) trying to avoid confrontations and was besieged areas of their presence to eliminate them through the next few hours, adding that security forces continuing the progress deep into areas controlled the organization, including foldable and Albu Risha with the implementation of proactive operations to weaken the capabilities (Daash) in areas of the island and the island of Khalidiya east of Ramadi. In Salahuddin, Flying international coalition air strike his group of terrorists gangs Daash statement cell media Harbi was killed in Sharqat spend north of Mahafezh.ozkr that the international coalition aircraft conducted air strike against a group of terrorists Daash while they were planting explosives on a road leading to the Sharqat behind the railway which resulted in their deaths. The Joint Special Operations Command announced yesterday for freeing the northern Salahuddin province, the area south of Mosul Qayyarah areas of military operation starting point.