20 June 2016
~ BAGHDAD - my day
official spokesman said the office of Prime Minister Saad al - Hadithi
: The battle of Fallujah has embodied the unity of Iraqis and would stand together and generally of their evil and their country worse. A newborn in a statement on Sunday: The new victory achieved by the valiant Iraqi forces added to the successive victories achieved against terrorism in Baghdad, Diyala, Salahuddin belt, gray, leap and white and wet series, here is the victory strategic achieved, Wi - Nasr, he Nasr Fallujah in every sense of the city ​​of great symbolic and status of legal person being the first cities occupied by Daash terrorist, which is the closest city to Baghdad are among the cities that came under the control Alarhab.oodhav newborn: this victory is a milestone in the victories of our armed forces chain to flush out terrorists from Iraq 's cities and bring it back to the bosom the homeland and to their owners , principals, and represents a paradigm shift in the Iraq war against Daash path, how not to have embodied the battle of Fallujah and the unity of Iraqis and would stand together and generally of their evil and their country worse, pointing out that the victory of Iraq that has been achieved with the help of God and the blessing of the unity of Iraqis and thanks to the generous sacrifices of our troops all titles and formations, thanks to the heroic exploits of brave fighters who showed determination to Ellen and the courage of honorable and aggressive and enthusiastic and the Sabra and Mtaulp knew Iraqis and redeemed through which history in many Mahtath.utaba saying: the victory of Fallujah is the gateway to the final victory and the expeditious on terror, God willing, Vtkberat victory that resound far in Fallujah resonate in the city of Mosul, where the vanguard of our troops began to progress in southern Mosul , marking the start of major showdown against terrorism in Nineveh, noting that the victory of Fallujah came to add significant momentum to Iraqi forces to advance towards Mosul city dear to all Iraqis, and is an important catalyst to liberate the city from the grip of terrorism , which Sam her family Liberal mistreated, where the yearning eyes towards their sons and their brothers in the armed forces so that appointees to the liberation and the restoration of Mosul her face , gorgeous, and it will be this year , God willing , in the victory the biggest liberalization of the city of Mosul from the families of terror as previously the general commander of the forces armed Haider al - Abadi said pledged that 2016 will be the final year for victory on Daash. He added: Mention should be made ​​after the emphasis on the courage of the Iraqi forces and the valor of our fighters , which are the subject of pride and great for us and unite Iraqis who was our weapon the most effective in the battle of Fallujah as the reasons for the victory achieved, but we are at the same time remember that the vision of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces adopted by in the conduct of the war against terrorism was a key factor in achieving winning streak against Daash through his keenness to provide all the reasons for victory in this war , starting from his commitment to the unity of Iraqis and his quest to maintain the supreme national interest on each other 's interest, noting that often drew criticism for his handling of the war this or that party, and suffered the decisions taken for questioning from this side that or that because these parties or the authorities were not considering to battle the requirements in terms of the higher interest of the country , but through their own interests, as well as the policy pursued by the Iraqi government to mobilize all national energies and the mobilization of all of Iraq 's potential and take advantage of all forms of external support for Iraq on the basis of respect for Iraqi sovereignty and full coordination with the Iraqi government and through official channels. He stressed that the program adopted by Abadi rebuild the armed forces and the restructuring of many of the formations and cemented her performance to overcome the state of refraction , which came to him after the invasion Daash of many Iraqi cities and occupation of 40% of the area of Iraq and restore the military 's self - confidence and the confidence of Iraqis from all walks of them, this confidence shaken at one time was a major cause of the fall of the city , however , terrorism, here is the armed forces go back to being the subject of pride for all Iraqis and a haven running by everyone to face the dangers and to address external and internal challenges, and what it was for this to happen without the reform program integrated developed by the commander General of the armed forces, which began its application immediately after his accession to office and gave priority to the overall reform path through the fight against corruption and filling outlets and the closure of Mudaraba and reform the military and security establishment and build their capacity and improve their performance and to provide logistical supplies and processing and weaponry and training to Iraqi forces , despite the financial crisis , which is equivalent to the size of the challenge posed by terrorism the leadership selection efficient and courage and integrity to hold office and administration job joints in the armed forces and security services.