World Bank: Iraq's new labor law passed international world-class

Wrote: June 19, 2016

World Bank Iraq's new labor law passed international world-class

Said the World Bank, said on Sunday that the new labor law in Iraq, acknowledged the international world-class sought the World Bank to be transferred to Iraq.

And it formed the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Commission in coordination with the World Bank to put instructions applying the new Social Protection Law No. 11 of 2014.

The head of the Supreme Committee for Social Protection in Najaf Judge Raad Razak al-Tamimi said, "Article 31 of the new Social Protection Law No. 11 of 2014 stipulates determine the mechanisms for implementing the law and instructions for all areas, as an act of supreme committees and internal procedures and mechanisms to deal with the objections received to the protection committees to take decisions have installed an internal system. "

He pointed to "the formation of the ministry of a supreme committee to issue instructions for the new law in coordination with the World Bank in order to transfer his experience to the country in terms of mechanisms of the new Law Enforcement, as well as talking with him to help the sub-committees of social protection the subject of objections that must be given to the Commission after announcement for the new comprehensive results. "

Al-Tamimi said that "after the end of the work of the committee will be announced on the instructions and then start implementing the said law, stressing hold a workshop soon in Baghdad in coordination with the World Bank to clarify the issue decisions and explain the mechanism paragraphs of the law."

For his part, the representative of the World Bank symbolic blessing that "there is coordination and joint action with the ministry, which came as part of the government to support the implementation of the road map for social protection strategy approved by the ministry with the World Bank for more than three years."

"The ministry started implementing practical step to this plan, which is based on the provision of social guarantees for citizens in an attempt to mitigate the consequences of the economic and social situation because of the crisis experienced by the country and the terrorist attack that led to the displacement of large numbers of citizens and the increase in the poverty rate."

A blessing that "the ministry has begun an important step and said a hold of the beneficiaries of the social protection network field survey, which led to the exclusion of a large number of squatters on the network, while work is under way to find a mechanism for the reduction of squatters and engage in a reform process and wide in this sector, especially as the new law approved an international world-class international bank sought to move to the country, adding that the World Bank will hold a meeting with the Commission and officials of the social protection network's sub-committees, to determine treatments and find a mechanism to deal with objections about it. "