Commerce to reduce prices of construction materials by 40%

19/06/2016 16:30
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

General Company for Trading of construction materials in the Ministry of Commerce has decided, on Sunday, reducing the prices of construction materials by 40% to support the process of reconstruction and construction in the country, while suggesting to the cancellation of the sale to "forward", confirmed its intention to contract with international companies to secure all construction materials.

The company's general manager Adnan al-Sharif said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The Board of Directors decided to reduce the prices of construction materials by 40% in all provinces and the materials are in stock," referring to "cancel sales on credit."

Sharif said, "The company operates multiple directions for the purpose of contracting with a reputable companies for the supply of important construction materials such as iron and wood in order to compete with the commercial market and active participation in the reconstruction of the country through a campaign of support for the construction of housing projects."

He said Sharif, that "the next stage will witness more of the administrative procedures for the development of the company's business and the signing of commercial contracts with international companies sober, and other neighboring countries to secure all construction materials used in building and reconstruction process," stressing that "the materials supplied by the company are subject to the balance of examination laboratory in the Ministry of planning and suitability for the conditions and airspace of Iraq which has the biggest guarantee and protect the consumer. "