Brief Press to the spokesman for the press office to Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Saad Hudaythi

Sunday 19 June 2016
In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful
New victory achieved by Iraqi forces valiant add to a series of its successive victories achieved against the terrorism in Baghdad and diyala belt salahaddin, Ramadi and leap and saw and wet, and there is a strategic victory is achieved, and any victory, it's victory of fallujah b All this city of great symbolic and legal status of being the first cities occupied by the ISIS terrorist, which is the closest to the city of Baghdad between cities that fell under the control of terrorism.

This victory is a milestone in the streak of our armed forces, to expel the terrorists of cities in Iraq and bring her back to the homeland and to hug her parents lạşlạ, and represents a shift in the path of the Iraq war against ISIS, how has embodied the battle of fallujah unit Iraqis and being together in who wants by evil and their country worse, he's Iraqi victory achieved with God's blessing and Iraqi unit thanks to generous sacrifices of our troops with all their titles and their configuration, thanks Heroic deeds of our combatants brave show determination and courage, not a supervisor and impulse and massa and patience and Mţạwlh Iraqis know and tell them through history in many of its stations.

To Victory Fallujah is a gateway to final victory and on terror, God willing, your beers that victory cocky now in fallujah resonate in the city of Mosul, where I started the first of our troops the progress in the south of Mosul ydhạnạ starting the big fight Against terrorism in ninawa.

I came to the victory of fallujah adds significant impetus to the Iraqi forces of progress towards the city of Mosul dear to all Iraqis, and is an important incentive for the liberation of this city from the grip of terror which Sam, murdering her parents worst punishment, where the point their eyes towards their sons and brothers in forces So designees armed liberation and restoration of Mosul to her face.

This will be the year, God willing, victory in the greater liberalization of Mosul from secrets of terrorism as the commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Dr. Haider Al-Abadi to pledge to 2016 as the year of the ultimate victory on ISIS.

Mention should be made after confirm the courage of the Iraqi forces and our fighters are the subject of great pride for us and unites the Iraqis, who was our weapon in the battle of fallujah lạmḑy as reasons for victory achieved.

We're in the same Time mention pan see general commander of the armed forces of the adopted by the management in the war against terror, was basically a factor in achieving the successive victories against ISIS through its determination to provide all the cause of victory in this war from its commitment to the unity of Iraqis quest to prevail The Higher National interest on every other interest where were often criticisms of his administration to war for this party or that, and the resolutions were adopted by to question this way or that because this side or the actors weren't looking at the requirements from the perspective of the battle.

In the best interest of the country but through their own interests, as well as the policy is being pursued by the Iraqi government in mobilizing all national capacities and mobilize all Iraqi potential and take advantage of every form of external support to Iraq on the basics of respect for Iraqi sovereignty and full coordination with the government Iraqi and through official channels, plus programme, which was adopted by the general commander of the armed forces of the Dr. Haider Al-Abadi in the rebuilding of the armed forces and the restructuring of many formations and discreet performance level.

To overcome the situation breaking that had taken place after the invasion of ISIS to many Cities of Iraq's invasion and occupation of 40 % of Iraq and increase the confidence of the military itself and trust of all iraqis shadows from her, this is the confidence shaken at some time in the cause of major cities in the fall of the terrorism, however, the armed forces back To become the subject of pride and joy for all Iraqis and haven refuge in him.

Everyone to meet the dangers and challenges, both external and internal, and what was this all happened without integrated reform programme developed by general commander of the armed forces, which proceeded to apply immediately

Enact his office and gave it to the top in the path of comprehensive reforms through the fight against corruption and filling his and closing his contribution to the reform of the military and security and capacity-building and upgrading its bud and the provision of logistics and supplies, processing and arming and training To the Iraqi forces,

despite the financial crisis, equivalent to the size of the challenge posed by terrorism and the selection of efficient leadership and courage and integrity to hold office and management of important joints in the armed forces and security organs.

In the interest of the safety of civilians and provide lạghạthyh requirements and humanity and restore stability to the city of fallujah has honest general commander of the armed forces of the recommendations of the internal civil crisis in the implementation of the plan to provide immediate ghạthyh needs residential and food and medical centres in the internally displaced persons Lights and relief and directing all ministries with the help and support of internally displaced persons in coordination with the efforts of the international organizations in this regard.

A tribute to the fallen who gave their lives for the sake of Iraq and for security, freedom and dignity of the Iraqis and the right to be proud for their parents to understand them! and the end. The Choral and strength of the tracks and their sacrifice which is the focus of pride and gratitude The beautiful.

We all have the right to all Iraqis to raise their high they are facing terrorism threatens everyone blind and successive victories. and all of us to cherish and are proud of the capabilities of the Iraqi armed forces and all of the supportive for her.

And her performance heroic supervisor and their sacrifice by Iraqis, and remember it the next generations.
And peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings