Roudao - Arbil confirmed the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, a reflection of the effects of the financial crisis and lack of liquidity on the draft port of Faw, citing a directive calls for foreign companies in the coming days, to invest in the port.

The Minister of Transport Agency, Abdul Hussain Abtan, on the sidelines of his visit to the port of Umm Qasr , "the Ministry of transportation will hold a conference at the Baghdad international Airport in the coming days to announce the investment opportunities for foreign companies to carry out projects in the port of Faw and build sidewalks." the minister added that "the move was because of austerity and lack of financial liquidity , which affected the implementation of the project Breakwater . " he continued Abtan, that" Breakwater project due to lack of liquidity and the financial allocations were not pleased continuously so we are going to invite foreign companies and give them opportunities to build the jetties of the FAO - style work on credit is the best way , "expected" to run the port of Faw during the next two years. " the Minister of transport, that " the Iraqi ports need to develop to rise to the level of ports in the region." the ministry was announced in December 2015, on the transfer of implementation of the project port of Faw to Basra Holding company, and reduce the amount of the project to one billion three hundred million dollars.