06-18-2016 (I know this is from yesterday, but I like it so much I wanted to share it with you anyway.)

Revealed the leadership of the popular crowd Jabbar Maamouri, Saturday, that most of the elements of al-Daash terrorist abandoned the "Afghan uniform," and flew long beards with the progress of the security forces in front spend Sharqat northern Salahuddin province, adding that the morale of the organization "collapsed" fully in the judiciary.

Maamouri said, "We have confirmed information that most of the elements of a private local organization Daash (the Iraqis) have started to abandon the Afghan uniforms and long beards shaved with the progress of the gold band, backed the popular crowd in front Sharqat and access to advanced areas in the vicinity of the judiciary."

He Mamouri, that "the state of chaos hit Sharqat eliminate the current time with a comprehensive breakdown of the morale of the militants Daash," pointing out that "the group's leaders began Bugel accusations against each other because of the collapse of the defenses and the flight of dozens of elements in different directions."

Mamouri stressed, "the importance of checking the identities of families fleeing the Sharqat toward military units because some Daash militants might try to sneak between the families."