She called the National Accord Movement leader Iyad Allawi, everybody to work to create conditions for the return of displaced people to their homes.
Allawi said in a statement yesterday received a "long", a copy of it, "Iraqis are heroes Hahm Asdlon the curtain on the last chapter obscurantist to organize Daash terrorist, in the city of Fallujah, forbearing, to perish and defeat at the hands of our men brave the Joint Forces Cup, and forces commendable friendly that stood with us in the battles for liberation. "
"We move forward with the promise of victory the expeditious, warmest congratulations to the Iraqi our honorable and steadfast, and fighters of the brave, appraisers spirit of sacrifice they had shown in fighting terrorist groups, and we call on everyone to work to create conditions for the return of displaced people to their homes and their regions and compensate them, in a climate of reconciliation and national unity and openness to all the slides and commitment to support data and political victory in the war to preserve the gains of the victory achieved and sustained. "
In addition, President Muttahidoon Osama Najafi called for the preservation of the lives of civilians and to protect public and private property and prevent any abuse in any form against civilians in Fallujah.
Information Office of the Najafi said in a statement, I followed the "long", said, "In these blessed days, bringing the brave Iraqi our military valiant and counterterrorism forces and Iraqi police and the crowd tribal Bushra victory liberation of Fallujah, and joy General of Iraqis and displaced private and Displaced Agamsoa their hearts in the joy of breakfast and the joy of victories great in the liberation of the city of mosques bosses have Daash terrorist Ashakohm and Itarteke dragging tails between their legs and defeat to receive their just punishment on what it did dirty crimes in this gracious city hands.
He said Najafi "while Najafi appreciates the efforts of the armed forces in the liberation of Fallujah impressive victories that heartened by the release of all Iraqis calling for the preservation of the lives of civilians, and the protection of public and private property, and prevent any abuse in any form against our citizens who have lived bitterness and families under Daash terrorist, since they must adhere to the law and human rights standards in the official security check. "
The prime coalition united "as the government calls for all institutions Bastnfar potential all to house the thousands of displaced people who are currently living in a difficult situation, and appeals to the international community and the Arab and Islamic countries and humanitarian organizations to expedite the provision of aid to thousands of displaced people, and help them to return to their normal lives, and the rebuilding of Fallujah."