Iraq Stock Exchange is on the rise despite a drop in the overall index


Baghdad / term

Weekly report issued by the Iraq Stock Exchange, on Saturday, revealed the high number of shares traded and a rise in the total value of shares traded for the week ending on Thursday.

It said the weekly report of the Stock Exchange, seen by the "long", "The number of traded shares for the week amounted to 14.505 billion shares compared with 4.436 billion shares last week as recorded an increase of 226.96 percent over the previous week."

The report said, "The total value of shares traded for the week, stocks rose by 79.83 percent compared to last week, despite a decline in the market index by 1.45 percent from the previous close of the week, when closed at 511.86 point."

The report continued that "The value of shares traded during the week 5 billion and 730 million dinars, compared with 3 billion and 186 million dinars last week."

The Iraq Stock Exchange announced on Monday (June 6, 2016), for 156.459 billion shares traded during the month of May, the value of 37.873 billion dinars, while rising stock and confirmed its value compared to last April.

The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Iraq Stock Exchange was organized in the month of May, 0.20 trading session," noting that "the number listed on the market for the month of May, companies accounted for 98 companies were distributed among the ( 23 banks, and the two contacts 0.22 industry Co., six farming companies, and ten tourism companies, and ten service companies, and six financial investment companies, 14 financial transfer, and three insurance companies). "

He said Abdul Salam, that "the number of traded shares in the market for the month of May, companies, amounted to 63 companies," adding, "The number of stalled companies from trading by the Securities Commission to stop trading on the shares of 16 companies did not provide annual disclosure and quarterly."

He said Abdul Salam, that the "number of shares traded during the month of May amounted to 156.459 billion shares while it was during the month of April 53.492 billion shares, while the value of shares traded in the month of May amounted to 37.873 billion dinars while it was in the month of April 23.534 billion dinars," he "the market recorded a rise in the May index compared with last April."

And on the market index confirmed Abdul Salam, that "the market index (ISX60) closed at the end of last May, on 510.230 points, down by 7.44% compared to its value to close the month of April of $ 551.22 point," explaining that "the index recorded its largest increase during the month session 4 May 2016, when it closed at 547.150 points, while the lowest low when it closed at 504.950 points, on 30 May 2016 session. "

The Iraq Stock Exchange, announced on Thursday (June 2, 2016), about 53.492 billion shares traded during the month of April, the value of 23.534 billion dinars, confirmed the stock decline and value compared to March, as revealed for non-registration of the rise or fall in the number of listed or traded companies.