Shabak: You can not edit Nineveh without the participation of "popular crowd"

06/18/2016 17:47:11

BAGHDAD / obelisk: MP for the networking component nostalgia Qaddo, Saturday, on the need for the participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of the province of Nineveh operations Anassr Daash terrorist organization, warning at the same time of the political bargaining about editing Nineveh process.

He Qaddo, told local media, pursued "obelisk", "The Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, try to pre-empt things by announcing the start of liberalization Qayyarah process, and while we wish the success of the Iraqi army and other forces in the process, we emphasize the importance to be popular for the crowd a real role in the process edit Nineveh. "

He added, "We had hoped that this process begins after the completion of the liberation of Fallujah whole process, so that there will be participation of fact by the sons of the popular crowd," pointing out that "should this declaration not be part of the political trends with the exception of some troops from participating, and the support of other forces for the Liberation of Mosul, and that there are no political bargains on the suffering of the people of Mosul expense and at the expense of, the Shabak and the Yazidis and Turkmen and all minorities. "

He pointed to "the importance of resolving the Anbar file completely and caught the ground, and then go to other areas," noting that "Nineveh process complex, and without the participation of the popular crowd will see the difficulty of the progress in the liberation of the province process," adding, "We as representatives of the Nineveh Sentuagd in operations edit Mosul. "