Iraqi declare the need to hold a national meeting and says that he "died" for lack of intention to resolve the crisis some of the blocks
Saturday, April 7 2012 13:58
[Baghdad - where]

Announced that the Iraqi parliamentary bloc was not necessary to the national meeting's resolution of the political crisis.
The MP said Raad Dahlaki told all of Iraq [where] on Saturday that "the Iraqi bloc in the House of Representatives and after being held a meeting has today in Parliament about the political crisis reached a conviction that the Adrorh to the National Conference of the lack of real intention and sincere by some political blocs to resolve issues outstanding issues and the current crisis. "

"The Iraqi and during its meeting today also convinced that the conference had [died] for the spacing of views between the parties on the politicians to resolve the crisis and the problems are on the scene."

The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, announced last Wednesday during a news conference to postpone the date of the national meeting because of what was confirmed by the "lack of commitment by the parties to the agreement of the things in the preparatory meetings for the previous six, but the National Congress did not fail once and will be announced schedule new later and the new date will be determined by him after the agreement on the agenda. "

As said President Jalal Talabani "We are currently seeking to induce the work of the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting in order to heal this important forum with a view to resolve differences and agree on a common vision on building the state and its institutions." Referred to the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National suspended its meetings to the notice did not reach the results in its last meeting last week to accomplish the task of the Commission in the preparation and consolidation of a joint working paper of all the political blocs about the files that will be discussed and inclusion in the agenda of the national meeting. He was scheduled to hold leaders of political blocs national meeting last Thursday by the deadline established by President Jalal Talabani to discuss the current political crisis, especially the differences between the State of Law coalition, led by Nuri al-Maliki and the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi on several files, and differences between the central government and the Kurdistan region especially with regard to the disputed areas and oil and gas law. ended.