{Baghdad: Euphrates News} blessed the Interior Ministry, on Friday, freeing district of Fallujah, saying that "Fallujah returned the sacrifices of Iraqis and to support friends."
According to a ministry statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "We announce to you today Bushra opening set and a brilliant victory that has been demolished by Abtalkm and your children endure the sacrifices of the brave from the bombarded with all sorts and factions that have worked under one command," blessing "the general commander of the armed forces and all loyal to the soil of Iraq and the unity of the homeland. "
"The Fallujah has been liberated today and returned this city captive to the bosom of the nation, he returned to their owners, the noble and the clans that rejected the brutality Aldoaash and their crimes and resisted propaganda Almrgevin and sounds misguided and horns sectarians," noting that "Fallujah returned the sacrifices of Iraqis and the support of friends and dashed the word bears sectarian wars and projects divisive Iraqis indoctrinated Daash and here they are supported by all those who bet on her and embraced their actions or silence eloquent lesson for its crimes."
The statement continued that "the liberation of Fallujah national familiarize sincere and valiant manhood high and humanity, it's an epic heroism and redemption that will be the building blocks of the State of citizenship without distinction nor hysterical."
It is noteworthy that the heroine of the security forces in various configurations announced today to raise the Iraqi flag on the Qaimqamip Fallujah and government complex.
Announced the commander of the armed forces, the Prime Minister, on Friday, that our heroine has fulfilled its promise in the liberation of the city of Fallujah from Daash, adding, "We will make it impossible to keep the city" .anthy