{Baghdad} Euphrates News Park Muttahidoon, on Friday the armed forces and the Iraqis and the crowd's efforts in the liberation of Fallujah.
A statement of the coalition, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "In these days wed brave Iraqi our military valiant and counterterrorism forces and Iraqi police and the crowd tribal Bushra victory liberation of Fallujah, and joy General of Iraqis and displaced people especially in the liberation of the city with the terrorist Daash and displaced persons and Ashakounam and Itarteke they conducting manhandled and defeat to receive their just punishment on what it did dirty crimes in this gracious city hands.
And called for the "preservation of the lives of civilians, and the protection of public and private property, and prevent any abuse in any form against our citizens who have lived bitterness and families under Daash terrorist," and urged "the government in all its institutions alert potential all to house the thousands of displaced people who are currently living in a difficult situation ".
He appealed to "the international community and the Arab and Islamic countries and humanitarian organizations to speed up the provision of aid to thousands of displaced people, and help them to return to their normal lives, and the rebuilding of Fallujah."
The statement continued that "Muttahidoon as bless all Iraqis and our people displaced in Anbar and Fallujah this great victory liberalization of the city of Fallujah and the expulsion of Daash of them, is a victory a good omen for the Liberation of the city of Mosul and the expulsion of Daash from Iraq and forever."
It is noteworthy that the heroine of the security forces in various configurations announced today to raise the Iraqi flag on the Qaimqamip Fallujah and government complex.
Announced the commander of the armed forces, the Prime Minister, on Friday, that our heroine has fulfilled its promise in the liberation of the city of Fallujah from Daash, adding, "We will make it impossible to keep the city" .anthy