Magda Tamimi demanding the government regardless of the popular crowd salaries
14:58 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Demanded the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al - Tamimi, on Friday, the government need to pay the salaries of the popular crowd at the same time.
She called Tamimi government Pia have received / balances News / copy, "the government to take into account the exchange of all their rights, especially as we are seeing the great tournaments they are waging in honor battles against the forces of evil and terrorism Daash and the sacrifices they have made for Iraq and its people."
Tamimi, "saying the need to exchange all dues martyrs of the popular crowd," considering them that "this little thing right."
At the end of her speech Tamimi blessed the tireless efforts of the heroes of the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes fervent Ptdhathm Baraouhhm for Iraq .anthy