Economist describes L / balance News / step sale of central bank dollar for citizens to "good"
18:23 pm (Baghdad time)
Special - balances News
Description economist Qais Al-Mulla, Thursday, obliging the Central Bank of licensed banks and money transfer companies to reduce dollar sales to citizens and the sale of 3,000 dollars at auction currency good move.
Mulla said L / Moayzn News /, "The step his proposal that the central bank will provide an amount of $ 3,000 for citizens who want to travel or trade, the price of the auction of the currency, especially since there are several facilities in the procurement process, most notably circulate this resolution to all banks and companies licensed money transfer. "
He added that "This decision did not come from the sheer will of the central coffee, but after several requests made by money transfer companies, and a number of private banks to provide currency for over a number of citizens."
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank decided that the share of citizens who wish to have access to the dollar to cover their expenses abroad of banks and banking, financial and conversion of all is the (3000) dollars, three thousand dollars, instead of (5000) dollars, five thousand dollars .anthy 29