Talabani's party: Opinion Barzani dividing Iraq does not represent all of the Kurdistan region
[Oan- special]
counting the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) , led by former President Jalal Talabani, the security adviser to the Kurdistan Region Council of Barzani opinion on the necessity to divide Iraq after the defeat of the terrorist gangs Daash as "only reflects the opinion of a political party in the Kurdistan region."
The MP said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Xuan Daoudi told all of Iraq [where] "Now the region is not uniform , and the mechanism of decision it is not like before , because the legitimate institutions in the region Off This view is the future of Iraq is a political party and not every region , " pointing to "the existence of perspectives discussed within Iraq and not within the region only. "
He emphasized , " is true after the end of Daash change administrative map in Iraq because there are new benefits on the ground and there is no new differences and areas should be rehabilitated , not only the infrastructure, but Rehabilitation population as well, and will be drawing new administrative boundaries of the realms and regions disputed "stressing" We must head into regionalization Iraq Kvdralah or confederation. "
he was pleased with Barzani , the security of the Kurdistan Regional Council adviser is the eldest son of the region 's president , Massoud Barzani , said Wednesday he was " once defeat al Daash must divide Iraq into three separate entities for the Shiites and Sunnis and the Kurds in order to prevent further bloodshed , "he said.
He added an interview with Reuters, in Erbil, said that" lack of confidence reached a level not allowed by remaining [Iraqis] under one roof , "Mushir to, that" federalism did not work and therefore either a confederation or full secession If we had three confederated states would have three capitals of equal not above the one on the other. "
said Barzani happy" to be granted , the year the same option in the provinces , which represent the majority in northern and western Iraq , "adding," what we are introducing is the solution, not this means to live under one roof , but it is possible to share a good neighborliness, once you feel comfortable because they have a bright future and a safe can begin to cooperate with each other. "
the head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said in a letter to him on 16 of last may to mark the passage of 100 years on the Sykes - Picot agreement, he said that " the Sykes - Picot died, and we decide our fate, either to stay on partnership with Iraq, or to be good neighbors." http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=40800