17.06.2016 (there is a video on the website which can be downloaded)
[Oan- Baghdad] took over the Ministry of Defence boost aid by the French government and the Iraqi army, which is about amounts of diverse weapons, and various ammunition, and military equipment.
The Senior Advisor to the French Ambassador Jean - Francois as a day, in a statement of defense to Aaracah received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "This aid represents a vivid picture of international support for Iraq by the countries of the world, and an expression of genuine Agaftna with the Iraqi government and people, and recognition of us the great sacrifices offered by the Iraqi army in its war against terrorist Daash gangs, especially since Iraq is now the first line of the face of global terrorism and extremism , which suffered from France and the world. "
for his part, Secretary of Mira Department of the Ministry of defense , Major General Fadhil Thamer Ugaili, said that" this aid comes at an important time when our armed forces achieved impressive victories over evil and underworld gangs, prompting the international community to stand by the Iraqi army and the justice of his case, which represents the defense of the entire humanity. "