Solution: edit Qaimqamip Fallujah evidence of the ability of military forces and the crowd on the liberation of Iraq

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} blessed Movement parliamentary solution, Friday, victories of our armed forces and our security in the definitive liberation of Falluja city center operations, saying "raise the Iraqi flag over Qaimqamip Fallujah evidence of the ability of military forces and the crowd on the liberation of Iraq."

The bloc chief Mohamed Karbouli in a statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, that "Bushra ZF raise the Iraqi flag over Qaimqamip city of Fallujah, is a sign of the ability of the armed forces and the Iraqi security services valiant backed Champions Alhacdan holy to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq beloved of Conception Daash terrorist gangs. "

He added that "coincided edit Fallujah operations with the holy month of Ramadan emphasizes Nasrallah Iraqis believers endure the Kharijites era terrorist Daash gangs, recalling the victories early Muslims of our ancestors in the Greater Badr battles and the conquest of Mecca and Andalusia, Hittin and named Goliath, etc., and with encouragement liberation of the cities of the provinces Nineveh, Salahuddin and Kirkuk in the near future. "

He stressed that the "euphoria must not forget our fellow editors in the armed forces and security agencies and volunteers Alhacdan holy and humanitarian duty to save and protect and preserve the dignity and the lives of innocent civilians from the city of Fallujah residents who forcibly taker terrorism as human shields."

Government commissions ages of the problem and demanded by them to "intensify efforts to aid civilians displaced and activation proceedings have reconstruction immediately after completing the liberation of the city of Fallujah and completely cleared from the remnants of the pockets of the terrorist gangs organizing Daash defeated."

It is said that the security forces today raised the Iraqi flag over Qaimqamip Fallujah and building government complex building still inspired after its liberation from the terrorist gangs Daash .anthy