17.06.2016 8:22
[Oan- Baghdad] the face of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to take a package of measures to complete the pension transactions after studying the pictures of university professors in Basra and is sleeping on the ground put a miserable pending receipt of their pensions , including degree professor.
A statement by the prime minister 's office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, he 's "been contacted and under the guidance of the Prime Minister Mr. Ali Hashemi Dr. which featured pictures in a variety of locations as he waited in the Department of pension and complete his treatment of pensions with 20 university professor."
also contact the Office of the Prime Minister , " the President of the University of Basra to facilitate pension transactions Masters was coordination between him and the head of public pension body to allocate staff from the Department of the retirement of Basra have their headquarters at Basra University for specific days of the week to complete the pension transactions at the university."
He also contact Department of public retirement to take a package of measures in a circle retired Basra and the rest of the provinces to be ending the pension transactions for all retirees quickly and prevent congestion and schedule for the auditors. "
and picked up social media Wednesday poignant and painful for Professor image , which sat on the ground waiting for his pension.
shows a professor of medical physics at the University of Basra was sitting on the ground without any "considered" scientific testimony or accompanied him his graduation of thousands of doctors on hand and at the end of his tenure thus be treated?!.
Prof. Dr. Ali Al Hashimi , professor of Medical Physics and head of a branch of medical physiology at the Medical College of Basra University , and his wife , Dr. Ibtihal Hashemi , a professor of pharmacology in the same college has made ​​a lot a lot of scientific march in its entirety.