17.06.2016 8:41
Oan- Baghdad] confirmed press office of House Speaker Salim al - manager, that the President of the Parliament continues to follow - up with the security, military and tribal devices functioning edit Fallujah operations and the evacuation of civilians displaced from the district center.
He said Khaled Nasser , in a statement to the Office of the Speaker of Parliament received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "President al - Jubouri , stressed during his contacts with the need to sustain the momentum of the fighting and continue deeper into the district of Fallujah , taking into account open more than one safe way to evacuate families out of the fighting zones."
Nasser also transfer that "Parliament Speaker stressed the concerned authorities need to provide supplies and service with emergency for displaced families and taking into account the high temperatures , particularly as we are under the holy month of Ramadan."
He added that al - Jubouri , "stressed the deputy governors and the local government of the province of Anbar , the need to exercise their role in the follow - up to the needs of the people of the province of the displaced or living in safe areas and to be present on an ongoing basis to solve the problems of citizens and to facilitate their movement and provide services to them. "
the general commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi face yesterday those responsible to intensify the care of displaced effort terrorism Daash gangs and provide necessities.