Ambassador of the European Union: this year will be a year of European firms to operate and invest in Basra.
June 16, 2016 5. 0

European Union Ambassador in Iraq Patrick saimont to enter European companies to operate and invest in Basra in the near future.

Saimont said at a press conference after meeting with Vice President of the provincial Council, and several members of the Council, that will be the year 2016, European companies entering Basra as maintenance is important partner for the EU.

Among his conservative Vice Chairman Walid kitan, that during the meeting they discussed several points concerning investment projects and how European companies in the portfolios.

At the same Conference, said that other events take place during the coming period between the two sides to submit projects in the province.

Commission President said reconstruction and development in Basra albegari flower, the arrival of the EU Ambassador in Iraq to Basra without a formal invitation proof of the interest of the Union to enter European companies to work within the County.

As Chairman of the Planning Commission said the local Council raised Board Mansouri set standards for European companies working in the County vary from investor criteria where the investor is looking for cost of production profits, with the Government of Basra standard eliminate problems within a province through which eliminate unemployment and the housing crisis and health and educational aspects and this was thrown in front of the EU Ambassador and his entourage.