Foreign investments face security challenges

6/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb ,

stressed the economic member of the Baghdad forum Hadi Hndas to attract international investment in all sectors to be accompanied by a real attractive environment for international effort developed, pointing to the importance of attracting foreign investment to the Iraq Stock Exchange.

He Hndas «morning» that building strong efficient economy requires action on the adoption of advanced systems help to attract significant capital into all production and service sectors as well as for trading in the local bourse, and the successor to the trend of big economic feasibility of Iraq.

chock sectors , industrial production and economic center of development and has the ability to develop many sectors chock and contain most of the economic problems «according Hndas» said not invest unless the diagnosis contraindications meticulously presence and work on them, pointing to the existence of competencies able to bring life to a large number of stalled industrial projects whenever available real opportunity to do so.

he said Iraq needs investment, without which it is difficult to reach the development goals, but you have to look at the obstacles and diagnosed boldly, because the first investment challenges lie side security and imposes on employers of pressure to force them to pay money, this is investors go to Iraq, which requires treatment this negative reality.

Hndas stressed that most of the specialized international companies working on the follow - up investment environment in Iraq because they realize the great work in Iraq, which needs a large domestic and international efforts size, noting that Iraq must begin to organize an investment revolution preceded the revolution to tackle investment challenges. the real obstacles competent industrial affairs Ahmed expensive said: «Iraq must diagnose the real obstacles to invest for the longer be able to invite global and regional companies to work and execution in Iraq, noting that in this case we do not move a step in the direction you achieve sustainable development.

he pointed to the importance of working to reduce the gap between Iraq and the developed world, especially in the industrial sector the adoption of communication with economic blocs that want to work within the country and favors the establishment of specialized training centers , the development of human resources in various types of industries.

He pointed out that the industrial sector development will lead to the achievement of food security, adding that this trend needs to planning a high degree of accuracy where it requires the production of the industrially developed.

agricultural investment specialist in economic affairs Hasan Ali Abdul Karim urged to organize a campaign to support the creation of effort evolving able to bring sustainable economic development attractive investment environment, especially in the agricultural , both plant investment and livestock production .

he said: the agricultural sector needs to be global and local companies specialized production of agricultural crops and food industries to work to achieve bilateral partnerships with specialized international companies, pointing out that these companies have to persuade them to the availability of a perfect environment which in turn requires mobility locally to create the perfect security environment as well as laws and investment legislation guarantors

He pointed out that the elements for the success of agricultural investment available in the general areas of the country, especially after it has been the adoption of advanced technology in the provision of water through solar energy and advanced equipment in some of the projects that have been on a limited scale.