The US foreign military sales deal to ratify Iraq worth 181 million dollars.

2016/06/16 15:45


The State Department endorsed Thursday a military sales to Iraq worth 181 million dollars, indicated that the contract includes aircraft maintenance, (AC-208) and equipped with spare parts and equipment chock, affirmed that the purpose of the contract is the Iraqi air force access to self-sufficiency. "

Military security cooperation agency said the US Defense Department, the Pentagon, in a statement, her disciple (long press), "the US State Department, overseas military sales deal day for Iraq worth $ 181 million aircraft maintenance (AC-208) light fighter with spare parts and other equipment supporting market engineering training services."

The statement added that "the new deal would allow Iraqi air force to continue to conduct its fleet composed of eight type (AC-208), light offensively beyond the end of the current contract period, which expires this month.

The statement noted that "the objective of this deal is to become the Iraqi air force which enabled the autopilot in the helicopter with logistical training and there should be no difficulty in absorbing this support Iraq."

Baghdad has requested external standing sale five years to maintain and sustain the fleet fighter (AC/RC-208), which includes operational maintenance transaction, with repair and supply of spare parts and repair and maintenance of major aircraft components with engineering services, as well as training for Iraqi staff on maintenance while providing logistical equipment for planes.

Plane is (AC-208) known as aircraft, Cessna Caravan 208 "light fighter aircraft that can be armed with rockets hill fire which also has aerial survey and reconnaissance capabilities with providing intelligence information.