AGHDAD - A fraternity
MP for the Bloc citizen Hamdiya Husseini stressed the need to hold an extraordinary session to discuss the current situation. Husseini said: that there must be an extraordinary session to discuss the current situation in the country, indicating that the hearing requires an invitation from the President of the Republic or the signing of 50 deputies.
But she said: that there are political blocs objected to the legitimacy of the presidency of the parliament and this has led to disrupt the meeting and to achieve a quorum therefore the political blocs to reconsider its position to serve the Iraqi people.
the House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana confirmed the existence of concerted attempts by the board of the presidency of the Council of Representatives and the Committee of five to resolve the crisis with the protesters of Representatives but it did not reach positive results, pointing out that the demands of the protesters Representatives different dividing them moderately and the Department of convulsive and the other section in the extreme demands.