Announced the commander of Nineveh operations, Maj. Gen. Najm al-Din al-Jubouri on Wednesday, achieving military units advanced Ptjah southern and northern axis of the city of Mosul, and access to the Tigris River, and while noting the evacuation of hundreds of families in the battles for liberation, called on the media to follow the credibility in dealing with the news on progress and victories of military units to organize Daash.

Jubouri said, during a press conference, held in Ninawa Operations Command Building, spend a drunk, south of Mosul, and attended (range Press), "The Almottaghvlh forces gained control of the southern part of the village of Haj Ali and access to the Tigris River, towards the south of Mosul," noting that "the armed forces from the northern axis was able to edit the village of victory of great strategic importance."

The al-Jubouri, said that "the arrival of military units into the Tigris River, is vitally important," stressing that "the collapse of Daash is soon after he lost a lot of his abilities during the last three months."

He pointed commander of Nineveh operations, that "the security forces managed to evacuate all the families, which numbers in the hundreds during the battles for liberation," pointing out that "prisoners who fall Daash However, our security forces are handed over to the judiciary."

He warned al-Jubouri, "some of the media, and including a number of satellite channels, distortion of facts and truncated, and the reduction of the size and importance of the victories achieved by the security forces to organize Daash."

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