- JUNE 15, 2016
Baghdad, Mohammed Al-Salhi
And distributed the pieces of security responsibilities cleanse Fallujah's Anbar province, areas to achieve new victories across the middle of residential neighborhoods cleanse killed dozens of al Daash including leaders. A source said yesterday that the (federal police freed shy of the message and the green south of Fallujah and raised the Iraqi flag over them).
As pointed statement to a counter-terrorism to (break into the Nazzal neighborhood and engage in fierce battles against Daash gangs in the southern axis) .oaaln commander of the Anbar Operations Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi the launch of a massive operation to liberate Alhsa.oukal Mahlawi area in a statement yesterday that (goal of the operation was to liberate the region down to the Fallujah bridge which is controlled by the federal police forces) .ozkr statement cell-Harbi media yesterday that (the band forces 17 managed to kill the terrorist nicknamed Abu friend commander categorically Hamzah what is called the state of the south in Umm Altanki area Earagol of the vine) .mfatta that (eighth band killed a group of terrorists and destroyed two wheels car bombs and motorcycle during the progress toward Fallujah Barrage) .oavad source yesterday that the (number of elements Daash managed to sneak into the regions of Znkurh and Alborahh), adding that (the security forces of the army and police of Anbar and fighters of the clan and the counter terrorism began a military operation and wide on the two regions to eliminate them) He continued that the (heavy fighting broke out between the security forces of a counter-terrorism and police of Anbar and federal police in the first martyrs industrial neighborhood and area Jbeil southern sector of the city of Fallujah with elements of al-Daash areas) .ofatt that ( warplanes international coalition and the air force and the helicopter of the army, artillery and rocket launchers involved pounding targets and nests Daash south of Fallujah) .ozkr police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat in a statement received (time) yesterday that the (federal forces advanced 1 km from the embankment toward the region of Jbeil and killed three Doaash and destroyed 3 wheels bomb) .okan source had reported that the (federal police fully liberalized helm of Fallujah and raised the Iraqi flag them and cut off the supply of Aldoaash ways fully southwest Fallujah as liberated yesterday apartments area) .okan defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi has stressed that the month of Ramadan will see the big victories security forces will be editing a number of Almnatq.ovi Kirkuk, a source said yesterday (what is known as the administrator of the treasury of the Daash in southwestern regions of Kirkuk disappeared along with millions of dollars) .msheera to it (the promise to purchase quantities of food and distribute donations to the poor and needy in Hawija However, he took the money and absconded) Aviation .udmr Iraqi mining Daash multi-storey in Ahoijh.ozkrt media Harbi cell lab in a statement yesterday that the hawks (air carried out a series of air strikes in Hawija resulted in the destruction of the mining plant back to Daash used to mine the wheels and belts explosives inside the den of terrorists) He pointed out that (the bombing led to the complete destruction of the plant and the bombing of the wheel bomb with the killing of dozens of elements Daash and injured about 20 of them and destroy all special equipment Baltgheim) .oaalnt the leadership of the popular crowd yesterday that the intelligence crowd working to confirm reports that talk about the injury or the death of guerrilla leader Daash terrorist named Abu Bakr Albgdada.ozkr statement to inform the crowd that (means a foreign, Arab and local media talked about the injury to the criminal Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and another reported his death in the city of Syrian tenderness) .msheera that (intelligence crowd working on confirm the news) the statement added that the (Daash criminal may intentionally conceal the news of the death of its leader, given the size of the losses it suffered during the last term) .ccant media deliberated news of the killing of al-Baghdadi, an air strike in the Syrian tenderness while another said he was killed in Almousel.oocharf commander of the fifth infantry Division, Brigadier Akram Saddam to implement a proactive process to raid and search Mukhisa village and dad vine sheik and Ksabh affiliated to the hand of Abu Saida and Zagnah in Dially.ozkr province, a defense ministry statement that (the process comes for the purpose of research and the search for terrorists and weapons and miss an opportunity to terrorist groups to carry out any terrorist operations in Diyala governorate) .. according to a statement of defense quoted Saddam as his assertion (the need for backup ways to secure the evacuation of the wounded, sick and facilitate the work of the citizens as well as the networking communication devices between the implementing force between the operations center and the creation of a reserve force contributes to the success of the operation) Saddam pointed according to the statement to (protect the engineering effort and the homogeneity of the force and the prevention of counterfeit elements and intruders) .onoh statement that (the operation resulted in the seizure of the piles of gear and weapons containing explosive belts and bombs were set to detonate was dismantled under control) .onvzt international coalition aircraft 19 an air strike on the nests of organizing Daash in different parts of Alarac.onqlt reports yesterday a statement of the alliance stating that the (coalition aircraft carried out a single air strike near Baiji in Salahuddin hit a factory for weapons belonging to Daash with two air strikes carried out near Fallujah in Anbar province hit a two units Tktikitin to Daash and destroyed 19 locations combat and two cars and four guns, heavy machine guns, 4 RPG systems and eight light machine guns and three recoilless rifles and system mortar for Daash, and prevented their entry into the area) statement added (as coalition warplanes carried out two air strikes near the western Cossack region Mosul in the Nineveh hit the tactical unit and Qdta on the site of the mortar continued to Daash carried out with three strikes near the city of Mosul in which three separate tactical units to Daash hit and destroyed a mortar system and a cache of supplies, car Daash).