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    Basra calling on the EU to fund service projects strategy

    June 15, 2016
    Basra / new evidence called on the local government in Basra , the European Union to finance the service projects strategy format payment on credit and urged European countries to invest in the province, while the Union reiterated its commitment to support Iraq in the areas of Mokhtlvh.oukal the European Union 's ambassador to Iraq , Patrick Simon during a press conference held in Office of Basra province said that " the European Union is trying to help Iraq in all military, security, economic, trade and cultural fields for his part, the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui said during the conference that" the meeting with Ambassador ensure discuss details related to fighting gangs (Daash) terrorist, and how to return the displaced to their areas, especially that Basra has a large camps for displaced people, as we talked about the economic and security situations in the province , "explaining that" the local government suggested to the ambassador to assist in inviting European companies discreet to work in Basra through the implementation of service projects strategy format payment on credit ".ually Meanwhile the local government announced in Basra, opening an office of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the province, and are expected to contribute to facilitate official procedures and transactions related to foreigners residing in the province, and the people of the province who live outside the country.

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