Menem: survey starting the new inclusion of salaries of social subsidy

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Menem: survey starting the new inclusion of salaries of social subsidy

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem said that social protection circuit two branches, "men and women" initiated phase field survey of the application of the new inclusive social subsidy mechanism in accordance with the Law No. 11 of 2014 on Monday 13/6, a social worker phase, which covers all areas of Baghdad and the provinces .

And between Menem said the sub-committees and after receiving comprehensive requests for transactions worked on the unification of the transactions and sent to the Audit Department, which is still working to complete the tasks of the data of the applicants check in and then boycott with relevant departments such as the ministries and the Department of retirement until it is revealed repeated names.

For his part, director of information technology in social protection circuit Jamal that the audit department of social protection department said works continuously to accomplish his duties and also works to shout information that there is an error and then raise the names to the social worker, who in turn works to gather information from the intended inclusion in phase through field visits for the accommodation of applicants for the inclusion of the information is collected via the form her questions prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of planning and its intended to obtain data derived from which social status and then the possibility of inclusion in the report or not.

He said Mr. Jamal said Baghdad was divided into three sections, "al-Karkh and Rusafa and Sadr," and because of the population density and the ratio of applicants for the inclusion of up to 25% of the total number of applicants, which arrived in Advanced million in the whole of Iraq.

Director of information in the social protection department said that researchers form information and after the completion of the task of searching will be consolidated lists and sent to the Ministry of Planning to Mtabakh information contained therein with the terms of the poverty map, which was adopted as the basis for the new coverage, adding that the ongoing work is in accordance with the granting of subsidies Ally basis of families and also individuals in certain cases.

And about the availability of funds in the event of the completion of the names covered .. Eng Jamal said the work is part of an agreement with the existence of prior financial allocation and the allocation of 650 billion dinars have been distributed to 14 provinces and according to population density. In the case of bypass preparation covered by the share of the province planned Jamal, he said he will adopt the principle of the poorest in the Aoloulih inclusiveness that there is any justice in coverage and on the basis of poverty and this and as we have said previously, because of the poverty map is covered will determine the social subsidy.