Sabri: the security forces managed to crack down on the terrorists in Fallujah

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Sabri: the security forces managed to crack down on the terrorists in Fallujah

Information Office of the Prime Minister, announced Wednesday, enable the security forces of cracking down on "terrorists" in Fallujah, and among the government is keen to give the screening process between "terrorists" and defenseless civilians importance paramount, stressed the seriousness of the government to monitor any violation could get against civilians from the people of Fallujah.

A spokesman for the office, Saad al-Hadithi, said that "our forces were able to narrow down on terrorists within the city of Falluja and freed all the areas surrounding the city and cut off supply Daash terrorist lines and hit the gasket tight it," noting that "our troops regained some neighborhoods inside Fallujah and is now in the process of progress to restore neighborhoods Other and expand the space that has been edited in the city. "

The newborn, that "the general commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi issued orders to form two committees, one on the side of the humanitarian and proceed to provide the needs of the displaced families and secure restore stability to the liberated areas kits, and a second investigation into allegations of of violations and breaches against the displaced and to follow up the pieces of combat efforts in receiving displaced persons and securing take them to the safe evacuation centers and relief and accelerate security checking procedures to ensure the safety of the displaced position of men and young people that have no connection with the terrorist Bdaash. "

The newborn, that "the government is serious in pursuing any violation could get against the civilian residents of Fallujah and prosecute the traffickers through legal and judicial procedures adopted in dealing with such cases, and can not tolerate the perpetrators or condone them, and this is It is part of the legal and moral commitment and falls within the framework of the national responsibility of the government. "

He continued newborn, that "the government is keen to give sorting between terrorists and civilians insulation utmost importance to the process. The war against terrorism is a war of all Iraqis and win the expeditious where and who began Bashairh looming - by the great progress in Fallujah as well as through the start of progress in Mosul boycotted operations is mainly based on the unity of Iraqis and Tkacvhm and renounce sectarians of all those who seek to steal the joy back victories for our troops sacrificing for the sake of all Iraqis. "+