Efforts to create the foundations are basic to start investing

6/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi

counting the International Bureau of Studies and consulting director Tawfiq inhibitor restore the role of the private sector as significant as regards activities producing and development which has implications for the various agricultural, industrial and service sectors, as well as the strengthening of human capital and to address unemployment and poverty.

He inhibitor in his speech for the «morning» on the sidelines of a seminar organized by the progress of policy development institute that to restore the role of the private sector treatment requires identifying economic goals fixed and well thought out and steer the economy towards a competitive economy and the creation of foundations that are basic to initiate investment and infrastructure by providing facilities and logistical support for the sector Acial.wachar inhibitor to the importance of planning for the return of the Iraqi capital to the country and take advantage of them in Iraqi currency support, because the currency 's strength lies in the cash reserve size or precious metal at the World Bank does not actively market linked, accompanied by programs to run the infrastructure areas that the private sector does not want to invest in them mode.

He said the role of the private sector and foreign investor is not to rely on only the state , and identifying investment lines that the national capital be allowed to invest in depending on the quality demand and need and what surrounds it from the processing of unemployment and the reduction of low Amh.oges services on the need to complete the legislation on investment and labor and social Security that contribute to the organization of life , not to mention reconsider fiscal policy and a review of laws that have affected the performance of banks and activating insurers pointing at the same time that business trends misconceptions contributed to the migration of the Iraqi capital out of the country and the state 's economic and political appropriate targets for the return of the money put through specialized institutions and control of suitable real competition to help in the country 's emergence from the deadly stayed with him and contribute to addressing economic matters, pointing out that the real challenge is the development trends that lead to progress and stability , and direct real economic development, according to its priorities, ranging from attention to human capital and the capital required process Altnmoah.ostaan ​​inhibitor experiments industrial and economic revolution in Europe and America in the forties , and how could the private sector that controls the economy countries, where took on the overall development of the country, indicating the possibility of the Iraqi private sector to grow despite the obstacles if Maatkhz decision to establish unions belong to him and be effective at the same time.