Blast: stop 400 County project at a cost of 4 trillion dinars

1905-06-15 18:22

Special the balance of news

Detect Services Committee Chairman in Basra Ahmed Abdul Hussein, Wednesday about 400 more stops draft maintenance cost of which is estimated to worth four trillion dinars because of the financial crisis.

He said Abdel Hussein/news/scales that most projects in Basra stalled because of the financial crisis in the province and the recent Cabinet decision off of unfinished projects.

He added that "more than 400 project in the province stopped before completion due to the financial crisis and not conservative dues", noting that "the cost of projects that stopped up to 4 trillion dinars."

Abdul Hussein, said that "these projects would be prone to extinction and loss and possibly even looting after you leave."

Governor of Basra said Majid Nasraoui, earlier, the distribution of new meal of residential plots and 1500 piece in the municipal Directorate June 30 Qurna.