Front reform: Kharbit is no longer a member of the Front

Political Since 15/06/2016 15:33 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News
Front confirmed Reform, Wednesday, said the MP demanded Kharbit is no longer a member of the front, as shown he will move to dismiss the presidency of parliament.

According to a statement of the Front received / balances News /, a copy of it, it's "We announce that the MP demanded Kharbit is no longer a member of the Front," noting that "we did not accept the request for his return to it."

The statement added, "The Front renewed its insistence on fixed positions not to deal or dialogue with the Presidency article," adding, "We're going Bacaltha again, even though the Federal Court has ruled to cancel the April 14 session that the sacking of the previous Presidency was in it."

Front and called according to the statement, all media to "be careful transfer of information and dealing with the official source and not taking news events or information which disturb public opinion."

The MP from the front of reform demanded Kharbit accused, earlier, the masses are united solution to pay $ 2 million for each member of the Council of Anbar to Aasot out the governor, noting that the parliament speaker Salim al solidarity with the governor because they are from the same Alhzb.anthy 29/9 P