Representative reference in Karbala warns of failure of the entire political process and commended the Central Bank policy in the face of economic crisis

Date: Friday, 06-04-2012 02: 03 pm

Karbala (newsletter) ...Representative criticized the religious reference, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi karbalai said Senior, during Friday prayers held in purgatory and attended Husseini dish reporter (News Agency news) postpone national meeting between blocs and political parties, warned that in the absence of sincere intentions and serious willingness in solving crises will lead to failure of the entire political process.
He karbalai said, regarding the postponement of the national meeting of more than once and enter Iraq in more than a crisis: we say is true that direct dialogue is important, but also it is important to provide sincere intentions and serious willingness will of politicians to solve crises and need soothing because multiple crises and need radical solutions to these crises lattkerr and direct dialogue and each side presents its under an atmosphere of political appeasement.
He karbalai said: political blocs unimaginable in Iraq that would it results from these crises will be affected in certain blocks but that all political blocs would otherwise be influence, if missed one, it will lead to the sinking of everyone because everyone in the same boat and one hole in the ship totally immersed must be feeling the political blocs that solidarity, continued: everyone access to the skies calm first and then develop solutions to these problems and RMS assured citizens that will be new crises.
He began his most condolences for victims crime Nibai 21 and which claimed a number of innocent citizens from drivers who were executed and their bodies were like burning, stating: he must think and examine the reasons that encourage terrorists to further this pattern of criminal operations those victims of special areas and the identification of the first side of this one and the second offence this way ugly as in Nukhayb is intended to provoke emotions and emotional congestion effects which lead to sectarian and These crimes linked to the political dimension, demanding: to limit this type of terrorist operations, saying: we need to examine, analyze and reflect on the reasons why it is clear that the Iraqi people do not drift to sectarian strife and flattering when you think about the nature of the internal political climate and regional impact in encouraging these criminals for more if we look at what the political atmosphere in the country will find it an informational exchange crises and political exchange charges shipping and I doubt that such a political climate conducive to the promotion of these exploit more These processes these crimes carries a political dimension and is keeping Iraq in many crises and citizen security notice will be achieved and the weakening of the political process they feel ' lathmerh.
He karbalai said: that no regional airspace where teams are also flowing inside fire on oil and this provides conditions and hope the terrorists achieve their goals that we contrast this if we treat the nature of crises and problems in Iraq with a quiet dialogue and goodwill this so'di into a State of political stability and the terrorists will be frustration and loss of hope and despair and stabilize the country, adding: There are terrorist operations need only security effort and there is no need of security and political political nature such as together because the crime Al-Nibai.
Finally, most khtbith acclaimed policy of the Central Bank of Iraq describing them: as scientific and professional and correct the Iraqi Central Bank demonstrated its ability in maintaining the value of the Iraqi dinar with respect to imports of Iraqi oil prices in the world, controlled volatility, metbaaa: the Central Bank of Iraq amid economic crises the world has succeeded in maintaining the value of the Iraqi currency, and this has a positive reflection on the ability of citizen's purchasing power with inflation in the country and requested that there be support for this Central Bank policy to continue its success and achieve stable Greater currency and then high this value as in countries and support comes in to preserve the independence of the Bank's economic and political policy. /Finished/11 s. p/