Maliki reveals involvement Jumaili files of corruption and legal violations in the Ministry of Commerce Observer

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The chairman of the Subcommittee trade committee of economy and investment in Parliament MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki, Wednesday, irregularities and cases of corruption exercised by the Minister of Trade and agency Salman Jumaili ministry,
as called for integrity and Judicial Commission to investigate the accounting and spoilers who plundered the country's budget. Maliki said, according to the Sumerian News, a copy of the "Minister of Trade and agency Salman Jumaili and during his tenure the ministry,

March several activities represent explicit violations of the law, let alone they represent a corrupt and clear and style sectarian," noting that "This came at a time when everyone is trying to eliminate corruption and sectarianism and unite. "

Al-Maliki added that "Jumaili deliberately to re all employees and managers who have been turned away from positions of responsibility because of the corruption of their right notes to the fore again,"

noting that "he has issued administrative orders to change the personnel on the basis of a purely sectarian."

He added that "it's the other is admitted reluctant and suspicious companies, from the blacklist, traders and brokers for the purpose of issuing invitations to them in the ministry's tenders," pointing out that "the work on the launch of the theme approvals Altamonah card processing without tendering any through direct offers and this thing is It is the law of the Ministry of Commerce. "

Maliki reiterated that "the mills on Altamonah card parked decision of the Council of Ministers, but Jumaili gave approval for the four mills on the card Altamonah two cards and the like for two people of Mosul, where they were granted these approvals without tenders but through direct offers versus Komenchen direct payment,"

he said. " Mosul city outside state control and even if some Aqditha hands of the state until the moment it is still unknown fate, but we do not know how Jumaili granting those approvals to those areas hitter cabinet decision the wall. "

Maliki and pointed out that "this corruption and overtaking on laws to make the Ministry of Commerce prone to corruption and looting of money and left the ministry is unable to deliver the ration card items to the Iraqi individual,"

calling the Integrity Commission and the judiciary to "investigate in such practices to be stopped and held accountable spoilers who looted the budget of the country after Bao its cities. "

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