Legal representative: Complete ministerial cabin will be in the new legislative term

Wednesday 15 June 2016 | 12:00 pm
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BAGHDAD / ... Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed Wednesday that the completion of the vote on the amendment ministerial cabin and sworn in the new ministers will be conducted through the new legislative term sessions.

A member of the committee MP Hassan Turan's "Eye of Iraq News," that "there are important legislations and laws are still disabled as a result of political differences the last parliamentary crisis package, and we will work hard on the passing of the new legislative term sessions."

"The parliament will go to complete the modification of ministerial cabin and vote on them, and then the swearing in new ministers after the legislative recess and resume the House finishes its work early next month."

Tauran pointed out that "a quorum in the new legislative term of the hearings, does not constitute an obstacle, and will take effect automatically after the end of the parliamentary crisis and the announcement of the decision of the Federal Court of Appeals" .anthy 13 lawsuits