Documentation. Jabouri surprised decisions and wait and Abadi terminated the Agency

1905-06-15 at 13:22

Special balance news

Speaker Salim Al-Juburi stressed in a book which addresses the Prime Minister Haider Abadi to pursue reform that the Iraqi people aspire to all its components to live a decent life governed by Justice and security, on the basis that instilled in the Constitution and the law clarified.

Jabouri says, addressing Abadi as the book got it/news/balances, "we were surprised by some measures, notably those of you set some institutions and services managers, including the Director of national intelligence, the Director of the Supreme Iraqi PM network and we appreciate the efforts and sincere intentions to implement reform."

In came a sound speaker Al-Juburi, speaking to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, among other things, are as follows.

1. the need to take into account the reforms passed in the House of representatives approved unanimously by its members, including the termination of appointment to the Agency, and not to be assignments originality and especially General Manager and Director of intelligence of the Iraqi media network untouched by the House of alarakit.

2. the need to take into account the constitutional and legal controls including the reform documents ratified by the House of representatives, which established that the adoption of standards of integrity and professional standards away from calculus based on partisan or sectarian or religious criteria or racism.

3. the need for ways to actively participate in decisions that affect people's impact components and components and establishes shared sense of burden.

Jabouri emphasized that the observance of constitutional and legal frameworks for all the reform process and what competencies and experience gives people equal alarakialfrs components ldemia.

Jabouri called Prime Minister Haider Abadi to reconsider and wait in the decisions and issue consistent with the Constitution.

Prime Minister Haider Abadi had byes five general managers of the Iraqi Trade Bank and the agricultural Bank and the Industrial