Minister of Planning and discuss with Merkel's envoy rehabilitation of agriculture and industry as substitutes for oil

2016/6/15 12:41

[Oan- Baghdad]

Research and Planning Minister Salman Jumaili with Joerg Asmussen economic adviser to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, opportunities to support Iraq in the face of the financial and economic challenges faced by the decline in oil prices.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the two sides also discussed "promoting economic and investment relations between the two countries."

And accept Jumaili during the meeting, according to the statement, "the economic and financial situation in Iraq and the challenges faced in light resulting from the decline in oil prices and the battle against terrorism, the economic crisis, and what are the areas that can provide support and support for the Iraqi government in the field of technical support and capacity building and rehabilitation of various development sectors presenting packages reforms and treatments taken by the Iraqi government as it seeks to cope with the financial crisis, "he started.

And between Jumaili "The government is moving toward activating alternative other oil development sectors such as agriculture and industry of what Iraq possessed the potential in these areas," calling on the German government to "provide support to help the government in this context by taking advantage of the German experience in the development of agriculture and the privatization of industrial companies State-owned. "

He pointed out to the Minister of Planning, said that "investment and industrial environment in Iraq is the environment Bakr and applicable laws, including the Iraqi investment law allows foreign companies to contribute with the Iraqi state-owned companies in order to qualify."

He praised Jumaili "deeply bilateral relations between the two countries, which extends for long periods," and expressed his "gratitude to the Iraqi government, the German counterpart to the strong support of Iraq and was one of the means of support for Iraq a loan of 500 million euros."

For his part, the German envoy "for his country's desire to expand the framework of support for Iraq in the face of circumstances through which, especially as directed by Chancellor Merkel on assisting Iraq in reforming the administrative and economic structures" directed "the call to the Minister of Planning to visit Berlin and see the economic and industrial Germany's reality and how the process take advantage of the expertise available for the rehabilitation of agriculture and industry in Iraq. "

The two sides also discussed "ways to promote economic relations between the two countries and the restructuring of the Iraqi economy in light of economic conditions and variables, and the possibility to benefit from German expertise and experience in this area."

The statement continued, "It was also discussed the economic reforms initiated by the government and create jobs through vocational training program in banking, transport and strengthening the private sector in addition to the implementation of projects in all the provinces."

He pointed to "discuss the possibility of rehabilitating the railway linking Iraq via Turkey, Germany, the line of what is represented by the line of the economic importance of the two countries as well as a connecting Asia to Europe."