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Action team was able to follow the board integrity foiled an attempt to steal the sum of (1,380,000,000) dinars from the government Rasheed Bank, adjust the accused, who tried to steal money through fake instruments.

And it revealed the body was being able to thwart an attempt one of the defendants (lawyer) pass the two instruments forgers worth (1,380,000,000) dinars through the Rasheed Bank - one in June branch in the province of Kirkuk, on and off the exchange amount, and adjust the accused and the issuance of an arrest warrant against the main defendant in the case.

According tuning process that has been under a court order details to try accused President acquisition of the amount mentioned by pointing fake deposits in the smart card account using the port labeled (Castle flowers) yield to him.

Investigations showed that the two instruments counterfeiters submitted their liberation was due to a bank's customers, and Mshobin to the order of the president accused the owner of the port that the oldest Tzaaarhama turn on the defendant (lawyer).

The body was to authored by a working group of its employees immediately upon receipt of information to, direct and move on to the headquarters of the bank and control of the accused and instruments counterfeiters, and presented to the competent investigating judge who decided to arrest the accused and the issuance of an arrest warrant against the accused President His port (Castle flowers).