June 14, 2016 12:41
Oil futures fell in Asian trading on Tuesday, as investors ignored the signs of shrinking the gap between supply and demand in the market as it focused on the concerns about global growth and the fall in share in foreign markets with the approach of the vote of British membership of their country in the European Union.
According to "Reuters" the raw International benchmark Brent crude fell futures up 41 cents to $ 49.94 by 0643 GMT, extending its decline for the fourth consecutive day.
US crude fell by 46 cents, or nearly one percent to $48.42 a barrel on the fourth day also landing.
the British vote lead out of the European Union to Europe and the return of a new recession , which will put more pressure on the global economy.
according to two opinion polls published on Monday reinforced the camp pro out of the European Union , his lead on the camp calling for survival membership before the referendum to be held on 23 June.
the market sentiment is affected by concerns about growth in China is enough to dispel the impact of optimistic signals such as expected the United States on Monday , the decline in oil production of shale in July for the seventh month in a row.
as OPEC yesterday expected to become the global oil market more balanced in the second half of 2016 as it helps stop some production in Nigeria and Canada to accelerate the pace of contraction of the glut in the supply of crude.

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