03:24:20 06.14.2016 | (Voice of Iraq Reuters) - Iraq said on Monday it had conducted a number of arrests in connection with an investigation over allegations of armed Shiite groups to help the army to wrest control of Fallujah , the execution of dozens of fleeing year of the controlled organization of the Islamic city - state. Saad al - Hadithi government spokesman on Monday following the announcement of the governor of Anbar for the execution of 49 Sunni men after they had surrendered to group Shiite "are monitored violations have been stopped a number of suspects." said Suhaib al- Rawi governor of Anbar , where Fallujah is located on Sunday that 643 men have lost between the third and the fifth of June , " The exposure All detainees survivors collective tortured severely by various means. " raised the participation of armed groups in the battle of Fallujah , just west of Baghdad with the Iraqi army are already fears of incidents of sectarian killings. he said Iraqi defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi with Twitter that four soldiers were arrested after appeared in videos they are abusing the displaced people from Fallujah and promised to refer any military found to be involved abuse of displaced people to justice. " the abuse of displaced people is a betrayal of the sacrifices of our heroine in operations to flush out Daash from Iraq." he said an Iraqi officer said Iraqi forces clashed with Islamic State fighters in the village of Haj Ali north of the country for the second day in a row. the village is located near the town of Qayyarah , which are controlled by the militant group and where there is an airstrip Iraqi forces seek to use the process in the future to wrest control of the city of Mosul , located about 60 kilometers to the north. * strict orders and said Sabri "the leadership issued strict orders to all sectors of the need to protect civilians , "he said , adding that these orders are also directed to PDF crowd that includes armed Shiite groups backed by Iran and is involved in the fighting. the United Nations said last week that she knew" very sad and credible reports of "exposure of men and boys to abuses at the hands of armed groups working with the security forces after fleeing from Fallujah. Iraqi authorities are separated routinely males aged over 15 years from their families when they can escape from Fallujah vetted and they do not represent a security risk and was checking to see if they were involved in war crimes. he said Prince Zeid bin Raad Al - Hussein of the High Commissioner for human rights of the United Nations that security screening project, but must not be carried out by armed groups. he added that the country should avoid further divisions or violence on a sectarian basis so as not to collapse completely the country. a spokesman for the coalition forces led by the United States which has been fighting to organize the Islamic state that the Baghdad government are aware of the violations. Colonel Chris Garver "we know that the Prime Minister came out and said that he believed that these violations occurred , and that ... called for accountability ... we believe that this is the right thing to do." waging the Iraqi army the attack on Fallujah , on 23 May , with air support from the US - led coalition forces. The UN said up to 90 thousand people are trapped inside the city without food or water almost. There was no response to repeated attempts to contact three of the spokesmen for the popular crowd forces. He said one of them, Karim Nouri last week that the previous accusations of human rights violations were politically baseless and motivated.