Alloizi: Kurdistan is seeking to annex the province of Mosul to the support of the people of the last

14/6/2016 19:59

BAGHDAD / .. MP for the Iraqi coalition forces Abdul Rahman Alloizi, Tuesday, for the Kurdish authorities in the Kurdistan region to distribute a questionnaire on Nazho Mosul, to know their answer to the question "Would you prefer that Mosul , Iraq is due, or become part of the county."

He Alloizi's "Eye of Iraq News" that " the displaced people in the region suffer from difficult humanitarian conditions, as practiced Kurdistan with politicians arbitrarily, including not allowing them to return to their home areas after it became safe , " adding , "it was the distribution of a questionnaire on them in an attempt industry opinion in them, as the conductor remains after the Iraqi dominated by the organization Daash or make it an area of the province. "

Alloizi He added that "these behaviors are illegal , " and urged " the central government to intervene and to take firm action in this matter, as well as take care of the displaced people of Mosul and concern for them, especially the more than 5,000 displaced people from the province of Nineveh, gamblers in the selection decision, and most of them suffer from a lack of in art , food and clothing. "

The MP for the province of Nineveh , Nahla Alhbabi, had revealed earlier, the requirement for the Kurdistan Regional Government concession displaced Mosul for their land in exchange for allowing them to enter the province, indicating that there is cooperation , "Turkish Kurds" to achieve the interests of the Iraqi territories. It ended 15