Cabinet called entitlements contractors and transmit the report of the implementation of the budget to the parliament {extended}

History of edits:: 06/14/2016 16:23

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} cabinet launched Tuesday, dues Contractors through the issuance of Treasury bonds and by fifty percent, while discussed the implementation of the budget for the first quarter 2016 revenue and ongoing investment and expenses and decided to submit the report to the House of Representatives.

According to a statement of the Council and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi stressed that Daash crumble in front of strikes Iraqi forces heroine and edit Fallujah continuous process the same strength and determination , and according to the set for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah plan."

And accept Abadi , according to the statement "during the he presided over the cabinet meeting normal day the latest developments edit Fallujah process and victories achieved by editing many areas, large areas of land, as well as orientation for the Liberation of Nineveh province.

He said the Prime Minister that he had formed two committees about the human side and the protection of displaced civilians from the city of Fallujah to investigate the allegations raised about displaced people, and work to speed up security checks, in addition to going to follow up and provide for the needs of displaced families and secure restore stability requirements.

He briefed the cabinet on the report of the implementation of the budget the first quarter of 2016 revenue and ongoing investment and expenditures and submit it to the Parliament.

The statement continued , " the Board approved the launch of dues Contractors through the issuance of Treasury bonds and by fifty percent of the total Msthathm first batch according to the percentage of completion and audited by the Office of financial supervision in coordination with the Ministry of planning , which holds the formation of a committee of experts to determine the strategic priority projects to the needs of the state.

He said " the Council also agreed on the establishment of the Ministry of oil extend the period of processing material gas oil to the Ministry of water resources for the purpose of clearing rivers and streams to coincide with the launch of the summer agricultural plan and securing the first Rip to ensure the operation of the pumping stations for water removing water stations in all provinces and stations of agricultural pumping in the liberated areas of terrorist Daash gang private."

He also stressed cabinet to secure a share of water just to revive the marshes in the light of the campaign of the marshes included into the World Heritage list.

He noted that " the Council of Ministers approved the establishment of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research given a copy compounds to form the popular crowd according to the federal budget instructions."

the cabinet decided according to the statement raise a signal not to act in place of the Office of the presidency of the Republic dissolved in 1995 on properties Kuwaiti real estate on condition of existence of a judicial mind, a meeting booking properties Iraqi real estate to raise and confirmed cabinet Iraq 's desire to fulfill mutual obligations with the State of Kuwait Bmayazz fraternal relations and good neighborliness, and the Council also approved the opening of the honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the province of Basra .anthy