Mirror: Baghdadi wounded was not sure of his death

Since 14/06/2016 17:34 pm (Baghdad time)

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British newspaper The Mirror revealed on Tuesday that the leader of al Daash criminal named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been wounded in an air raid in the Syrian city of Raqqa last week, while not confirmed by officials if he had mortally wounded led to his death.

The newspaper quoted a statement linked Daash criminal group that "al-Baghdadi had been killed in an air raid by coalition forces in the city of Raqqa fifth day of Ramadan last year, while not challenged another death in the city of Mosul, the source."

This news comes after the news of the Iraqi media sources said last week that al-Baghdadi has been wounded in an air strike during a meeting with Daash near the Syrian border, the leaders but reports from Iranian news agencies and Indian quoted a statement from the depths of the gangs Daash criminal site confirmed the killing of al-Baghdadi, while not yet been checked yet, especially as the US Department of defense declined to comment on the subject. It ended 29 / tc n