3 teams begin the battle to liberate Mosul .. and the opening of two fronts , raising fears the military dispersion

2016-06-14 04:18:16 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

During one week the Ministry of Defense sent two servings of armored forces to Mosul and Sharqat, despite mounting criticism of the leaders of the popular crowd, which some factions stationed on the outskirts of Fallujah, the dispersion of the battles effort.

Politicians and security experts will probably be the wrath of the crowd due to his inability to fight on two fronts in Mosul and Fallujah concurrently. As the movement of troops to Nineveh , at this time , aiming to push back the crowd for the battle to liberate the province.

The factions in the crowd decided to withdraw, last week, of Fallujah after the announcement of the end of the editing functions around the city, but leaked information about government attempts to prevent it.

After sending the first meal of the Armored Brigade to Nineveh operations command center in a drunken, said Hadi al - Ameri, a leading figure in the popular crowd: "It 's unfortunate and sad lack of careful planning for military operations in Fallujah."

He said that al - Amiri "send a large part of the armor and the possibilities to drunk under the pretext of a battle of Mosul, I consider it a betrayal of the battle of Fallujah."

Fighting on two fronts

But Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, who led himself to send a second meal of armored forces to Sharqat, on Sunday, said that the military units do not affect the battle of Fallujah.

He said al - Obeidi, said in press statements that the "special battle of Nineveh forces detachment has long been training highly trained and equipped with the latest devices and equipment", pointing out that "we are going to open more than one front with al Daash and Senbagthm axes and the timing of the unexpected."

In the same context, the new Christopher Garver , a spokesman for the international coalition said yesterday, that "Iraqi forces are able to open two fronts against Daash , " adding that it "will increase the pressure on the organization."

Garver pointed out that " the date of release of Mosul 's up to the Iraqi government , " noting that " the international coalition supporting her liberation."

But security expert and analyst Hisham al - Hashimi commented on his Facebook page saying , " I was supposed to free the popular crowd Sharqat down to Kierh to take from Camp Qayyarah base to launch and stationed in the region, this is very logical to bring Iranian balance - Turkish - American."

He also added , "Maybe this is the main reason for the anger of Mr. Hadi al - Amiri to send 37 armored brigade to a drunk before the end of the battle of Fallujah, to the fact that the crowd can not fight on two fronts of Sharqat and Fallujah at once."

The international coalition began restructuring militaries Divisions II and III , which collapsed after the occupation of Daash connector under the band 15 and 16 name.

The band sent 15 to the leadership of the new operations in southern Mosul, while the other involved the band, which was given other tasks, in the liberation of Ramadi operations. The band 15 and the liberation of a number of villages toward Qayyarah, even sent the Ministry of Defense Armored Brigade 37 of the band 9 to a drunk, and was followed days later by sending Brigade 34 of the band 9 armadillos, and Brigade 92 of the band 16.

Keep the crowd from Mosul

But the MP for Mosul , Abdul Rahim al - Shammari said: "We prefer to focus all military efforts towards the liberation of Mosul after the completion of Fallujah."

He said al - Shammari, a deputy from Allawi 's coalition: "We expected the Re - Liberation gray scenario in Mosul, where it resolved completely there until we moved to Fallujah." The MP believes that " the dispersion of effort will confuse the process of liberalization of Mosul."

To rule out MP Musli, who oversees about 600 fighters within the tribal alliance with Aesidein in western Mosul, and there are political motives behind sending troops to Mosul , at this time, and to rule out the goal to be deprived of certain parties from participating in the liberation of Mosul.

And it refuses to Sunni politicians, notably the brothers Najafi involve the popular crowd in Mosul editing process, calling for the support of the crowd armed clan - based factions of the people of the province , such as those led by the former governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi.

Attorney - Shammari and see what happens in Mosul is within the propaganda of some factions that verify the fact achievements against Daash Kcecchel "anecdotes" led.

Attention MP for Nineveh that "anecdotes killed a large number of militants Daash in five battles carried out so far", criticizing the failure to shed light on these achievements, he says that " the Arab media and the local is talking about invasions fake undertaken by other factions , " in reference to the crowd , led by the National Najafi , which receives support from the Turkish troops.

And soon, it is likely networking MP Haneen Qaddo be a goal of sending troops to Mosul suddenly and Sharqat before resolving the battle of Fallujah behind removal of the popular crowd.

Confirms Qaddo, Shabak representative in the House of Representatives that " the political parties decided to edit Mosul untapped busy crowd in Fallujah."

It goes MP clasped Mosul , saying that " the large province of Nineveh, and can not be edited Pferqtin military or three, we need to support other forces."

As Qaddo has not ignored that "US pressure on the government to liberalize the connector behind the rush to send troops in there."

Washington announced last March, the arrival of 200 soldiers from the Marines, to Nineveh operations command headquarters in drunk. It was unveiled, after exposure to an attack by al - Qaida Daash and killing and wounding nine members of American power.

Evacuation of civilians
In the meantime, he said a source in the Nineveh operations command, on Monday, that security forces evacuated 500 families belonging to the hand Qayyarah village south of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad), and transferred to house the displaced people in the area drunk.

The source said that " the strength of the 15th Division of the Iraqi army evacuated 500 families from the village of the ruins of the hand Qayyarah Jabr (60 km south of Mosul), after its liberation from al Daash."

The source , who asked not to be named, said : "Families transferred to house the displaced people in the area Makhmour, south of Mosul